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Online Courses

Learn about active meditation, building healthy relationships, chakra healing, movement therapy and other complementary alternative medicine practices.

In Serenity School, you will learn simple ways to bridge the gap between your “Corporate” and “Hippie” lifestyles.

Personal & Relational Wellness

Humans are the most fascinating and complicated creatures ever made! Which is why we have dedicated the last 15 years of our lives providing helping and healing services.

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  • Reiki Energy Treatments
  • Personal Wellness
  • Relational Health Groups
  • Healing during Corona Grief Group

Organizational Training & Development

We strive to give back to the many social service providers that have given so much to their communities.

Leveraging our experience in both public and private organizations, we offer consultation services. We specialize in addressing such issues as contract and grant compliance, employee stress reduction and provider burn-out — for all levels of staff and for organizations at all stages of development.

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The healing I needed was beyond what I was able to comprehend. After working with Serenity Village, I was finally able to understand not only where I was in my healing journey, but who I was as a person.”


Let’s make something beautiful together.

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